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Since its inception, we have always strived to achieve a fine balance between the delivery of products and services. Our products are very user friendly and maintaining them shall always bring our customers years of happiness. We believe that Milton and other brands from the company should not just be products brought home. It must bring you comfort, luxury and infinite bliss. From a water bottle for your kids, to artistic gifts for loved ones… Hamilton products are the mark of true joy!


Milton - Product User Manual:


Milton Casseroles… The world’s most advanced insulation!

Casseroles are insulated with Tuf Puf, Milton’s exclusive name for polyurethane foam, the single most efficient insulating material that technology can offer. Milton provides generous amount of Tuf Puf to guarantee high thermal rating and maximum efficiency.

Both the outer body as well as the lid is Tuf Puf insulated so that you get piping hot meals anywhere anytime. (Please see illustration of cut section on side panel of the box of your casserole)

Getting the best from your Milton insulated casserole:

Precondition your casserole with warm water before you use it to store anything hot.
Always fill to full capacity for best results, this ensures maximum heat retention.
Chapattis or idlis should be wrapped in cloth napkin; this will prevent them from getting soggy from condensation.
Milton Casseroles can also be used as ice packs to store ice cream, custard, jelly and salad (Do not forget to precondition the container with cold water for lasting effectiveness)
Keep the lid open when not in use.
Wash in warm, soap water, NOT in boiling water.
Clean the outer body with sponge instead of brush, for longer life.

An excellent curd maker too!

Using a Milton Casserole, you can make delicious and just right curd in under 5 hours, (The general temperature outside speed or slows down the process)
Just allow milk to cool off to about 50o C after boiling.
Pour into your Casserole, add about half a teaspoon ready curd and shut the lid.
After about one hour, partially open the lid of your Casserole, so that water in the milk can evaporate.
Shut the lid again. In about four hours time your curd will be ready for use.


Don’t keep your Casserole on or near fire.
Don’t try to separate inner stainless steel bowl from the outer body, unless it is a Casserole detachable.


The outer body is made of indestructible plastic. The refill is made of high quality glass and is passed through stringent quality control tests for efficient performance. The refill is fully protected by the tough outer body. Black spots, bubbles and black lines visible inside are not related to the performance and the quality of the flask.

For Cold Drinks:

Rinse the flask thoroughly with cold water and then fill it with the desired liquid. However, if the flask has previously been used for hot liquid, rinse with luke warm water first and then with cold water.

For Hot Drinks:

Fill the flask with hot water and leave for 5 minutes, pour out the water and fill the flask with the desired liquid.

Product Performance:

In order to obtain maximum efficiency in retaining temperature, fill the flask to about 2cms below the stopper till the refill level. Close the mouth immediately. The screw on stopper should not touch the surface of the liquid.

If the procedure is followed the contents will remain hot or cold for hours.

If the flask is only partially filled it will reduce the duration of time for which the liquid remains hot or cold.


Do not keep the flask near a source of heat. It is likely to damage the body and the base.
Do not drop ice – cubes directly into the flask, it may cause the glass refill to shatter.
The proper way is to fill the flask and slide in the cubes.
Store only boiling hot or cold milk as it may curdle or intermediate temperatures.
Do not store boiled milk for more than 6 hours to avoid curdling of milk. Also before pouring in milk, clean the refill and stopper thoroughly.
Do not use spoon to stir contents inside as this may damage the glass refill.
When not in use leave this flask unstoppered to avoid unpleasant odour.


Rinse the flask with luke warm water and use a salt brush. Clean the outer body gently with sponge instead of brush for longer life of the foil or printing on the products.

Wide Range:

Milton has a very wide range of vacuum flask with traditional and temporary design, sling and table and models are available. There is a wide variety of colours to choose from.

Similarly vacuum flask with wide and narrow mouth too are available.

Product Guarantee:

The Milton flask has passed through stringent quality control checks during manufacture. It is therefore guaranteed against any manufacturing & performance defect. Refills are available at the company’s authorized dealers. For best results ensure that you use only genuine Milton refills with the Milton label indicating specific product refill and quality. For any manufacturing defects, the company guarantees free replacement after thorough examination of the flask. For any further information & service, consult your nearest Milton dealer.

Heat Retention Standard:


TEMPERATURE "not less than"

0 hrs

01 hrs

5 hrs

24 hrs


A > 750 ml 95oC 91oC 78oC 50oC upto 45 mm
B 250 ml to 750 ml 95oC 88oC 70oC 42oC upto 45 mm
C > 500 ml 95oC 85oC 70oC 42oC above 45 mm
D 250 ml 95oC 88oC 70oC 40oC upto 30 mm
E 250 ml 95oC 85oC 68oC 38oC 30 mm to 45 mm

Specialty Products:

Crisp Casserole : This interestingly dome shape casserole comes with Steam Control System to keep rotis hot & crispy
Clear Steel Casserole : This casserole comes with unbreakable see through lid
Easy Heat Casserole : it's elegant and easy to use. It reheat your food in 30 min. and consume very less electricity
Meal Mate Tiffin : Ideal office mate comes with Papad box and Spoon
Electron Tiffin: Ideal office companion that reheat your food in 45 min. and consume very less electricity
Softline Tiffin : Light weight, easy to carry. Comes with Microsafe and leak proof containers
I Go Bottle : Bottle that is 100% leak proof and ideal for Hot & Cold water
Pedal Bin : Dust Bin designed to keep Cockroaches at bay
Pickle Container : Container which facilitates Consuming Pickles without Harm of Excess Oil